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Picture for blog post Ideas to transform your old furniture into new

Ideas to transform your old furniture into new

Furniture looking shabby and worn out is disheartening, rather than throwing old items out, give them a change with a fast and artistic makeover. A coat of paint, a strip of wallpaper, or maybe some retro cuttings can transform your tired-looking items into treasured pieces in no time.
Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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1.Apply paint

Apply Paint

Who doesn't love ever shining furniture, but in case your most lovable piece of furniture has turned pale and looks outdated, a  lick of paint is a stylish and speedy way to update a piece of old furniture. You can go for buying premium furniture paint or create your DIY solution to make your own primer and refinish your furniture look.

2.Add Decor
Add Decor

Adding a type of decorative item to your furniture can bring a new life to them, An old-looking center table or book rack could look lively by just adding a few decor pieces will do your job. Go for some miniature crafts or Rajasthani arts to uplift your furniture look.

3.Change Upholstery
Change Upholstery

Changing upholstery happens to be the easiest way of giving new touch to your furniture. Your sofa or dining table can be easily turned into a hot new piece by just selecting a matching and sustainable covering as per your taste and wall finish, and there you go.

4.Boho Touch
Boho Touch

Plain storage or corner unit can easily be found looking dead. Give it a quicksand and wipe it down, then paint it using boho stencils. All you need is white paint and some mandala stencils or a steady hand!

5.Doodle Art
Doodle Art

Doodling is a new miniature art form, you can give your old study table or garden chair a brand new look with some doodle art. You simply require a  good bold marker and a lot of creativity and you will have a new piece of art ready by your side.



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