Care Instructions


  • Attempt to utilize a decorative spread or any thick quality material on your eating table or some other table that is dependent upon day by day and overwhelming use.
  • Try not to keep warm or cold things legitimately over the furniture surface; rather, utilize a hot cushion or napkins or stand; beneath the holder.
  • Attempt to not keep any hot hardware like a frying pan or preparing dish on the furniture even on a hot cushion.
  • To shield your furniture from blurring endlessly, abstain from keeping your furniture close to windows and different spots where it very well may be effectively presented to direct daylight.
  • To keep away from minor scratches which may hamper the completion of your furniture abstain from sliding or passing things set on your tabletop.
  • Abstain from putting things like consuming candles or iron on any furniture as the warmth produced by them may influence the life of your furniture over the long haul, utilize flame holders to abstain from liquefying wax contacting the furnishings.
  • Cleaning your furniture routinely will assist you with keeping them up for quite a while, ensure that you clean your furniture delicately with a delicate gently moist fabric; utilizing an unpleasant cloth and squeezing it hard against the wood may prompt minor scratches.
  • Abstain from cleaning furniture with an amazingly water-doused material, as it might assimilate dampness and influence the life of your furnishings.
  • If there should arise an occurrence of a spill on the furnishings, never attempt to wipe it as it will spread the spill and hamper the clean, rather simply smudge the spill with a piece of thick cotton fabric.
  • To shield your furniture from dampness, abstain from putting it in direct contact with sodden dividers. We suggest cleaning the dampness instantly with a dry, delicate, and build-up of free fabric.
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