Icare GiftCard

Icare GiftCard Consist Of



  • Cash will not get expired
  • Get an instant refund in form of IF Cash
  • Can be clubbed with coupon
  • Redeemable up to 100% with no limits
  • 1 IF Cash = 1 INR


  • Rewards have a expiry date
  • Earn rewards by doing various activities
  • Cannot be clubbed with coupon
  • Can be redeemed by 20% up to 100 INR
  • 1 IF Reward Point = 1 INR

Why IF GiftCard?

  • Instant Refund

    Can't wait for a refund? Just transfer it to your IcareFurnishers GiftCard.

  • Get 10% Rewards

    Each time you order, we credit you with 10% of the value. You can use it on your next order.

  • Awesome Deals

    Stay tuned to enjoy the exclusive deals valid only for IcareFurnishers GiftCard users.

How it Works?

  • Login
  • Apply for gift card
  • Recharge giftcard
  • Proceed to
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10% Extra points in your GiftCard

Send Gift
*Limited to first 1000 user

Frequently Asked Questions

A gift card is a pre-loaded charge card that contains a particular amount of money accessible for a variety of future purchases. Icare furnishers provides a closed loop gift card to its customers which means it would be applicable and utilized only at Icare online store.
Login to Icarefurnisher account
Apply for gift card
Select the amount of money you want to recharge your gift card with Proceed to
Unlimited purchase.
1.Gift card is a cool alternative to cash or gift
2.It simply gives an individual the freedom to purchase anything they want.
3.Safe from loss, theft, frauds and duplication.
4.Convenient to use.
5.Easy to recover if lost or stolen
Once the amount initiated to activate the gift card cannot be refunded to the source.
Like any other card, A gift card too can be lost or stolen. The first thing to do is inform us at Icarefurnishers help desk via call or mail, so that the card can be deactivated or frozen to prevent possible misuse.
You cannot redeem your unused funds after the validity expires.
The card can be loaded with any amount between Rs 500 and Rs 50,000 and the amount has to be exhausted within three years. Till recently, the validity was one year.
There is no transaction charge and the gift card can be used for multiple transactions.
Yes, you can order Icare furniture gift card with a minimum transaction amount.
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